Chuck’s Boots is, and always has been, a family owned and operated business. It was originally opened by the current owner’s parents in 1982 in Grandview. Due to the growth the company experienced, and the need to find a new demographic, after 15 years in Grandview, Chuck’s Boots made a move to Lee’s Summit in 1996.

For another 15 years, the company operated in the same location, moving once more in 2011 to its current location on SW Blue Parkway in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. In the mid-2000s, the company was bought by the original owner’s daughter, who is still in charge today, along with her husband. It is truly a family run business, as their daughters work in the store daily.

At Chuck’s Boots, you will find more than 14,000 square feet of space, which houses over 30,000 pairs of boots. In addition to a huge selection of boots, you will find an array of other items, including ball caps, cowboy hats, buckles, belts, gloves, tool bags, saddle bags, motorcycle leathers, and more.

The current location of the store makes it possible for the staff to easily and quickly get new inventory on the shelves for consumers. It’s very rare to find something out of stock, as the shelves are replenished every seven to 10 days. This helps to ensure that customers can get the items they want for any purpose – work or fun.

The ultimate mission of the staff at Chuck’s Boots is to provide an exceptional customer experience. This is what the staff believes has customers coming back, time and time again. In addition to offering a huge selection of products, the customer service provided is superior.

Why Shop with Us?

When it comes to boots, there’s quite a bit of competition in the Kansas City Metro area. As a result, you may wonder why you should shop with us, versus the “other guy.”

We believe there are several reasons our services and products are a step above the competition:

  • We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction
  • We take the time to ensure customers get the perfectly fit boot
  • We can help narrow down the options to help you find the perfect boots
  • We have a huge selection of brands and styles to choose from:
    • Lace up work boots: Up to an 18 4E (extra wide)
    • Pull on work boots: Up to a 15EE (wide)
    • Women’s western: Up to a 12B (medium)
    • Men’s Western: Up to a 16EE (wide)
  • Our staff is with you from the beginning of the buyer’s journey to the end

When you go to other retailers, especially “big box” locations, the individual attention from people who know boots is typically not offered. This leaves you to your own devices. With Chuck’s Boots, this isn’t the case. We are with you each step of the way!

Are you ready to get the right pair of boots, that’s comfortable, durable and that meets the requirements outlined by your employer? Or, do you need the perfect cowboy boots for an upcoming event or just for fun? If so, stop by and see us today. We have a huge selection and can help you find just what you are looking for.