Helpful Tips for Breaking in Your New Work Boots

Helpful Tips for Breaking in Your New Work Boots

The majority of work boots are made using leather. This is a material that is naturally hard and that has to have time to adapt to your feet. Considering the fact that most people’s feet are unique, manufacturers make a standard boot design with the thought that the person wearing it will break it in to fit their foot comfortably.

The issue is, though, that it can take time to break in new work boots. In fact, this is a process that can take several weeks – or longer. During that time, you may suffer a bit of pain and discomfort due to ill-fitting boots.

The good news is, there are a few steps you can take to break in your new work boots quickly. By doing this, you can wear your boots without the worry of pain or discomfort.

Before Getting Started

There are some people who believe they can purchase any type of work boot and after the break-in period, they will be comfortable. This simply isn’t the case. You have to find a boot that fits your foot properly. If you fail to do this, then no matter how much effort you put into breaking them in, they aren’t ever going to be comfortable.


The majority of work boots are going to be stiff for, at least, the initial week after you buy them, regardless of what you do to loosen them up. As a result, using the boots for a few hours each day, before wearing them all day, is smart. By doing this, you can gradually stretch the leather fibers as the adapt to your feet.

You can also use a few pairs of socks – one over the other – to help the boots stretch faster. The last part of the pre-breaking in stage is to use your hands and bend the boots. This also helps to loosen up the leather fibers.

Increase Usage of the Boots Gradually

After you have used the boots for a few hours each day, for several days, you can begin to increase how long you wear them. By increasing the amount of time you are wearing the boots, you are allowing them to conform to your feet and your needs. This is going to help you stretch them out a bit faster.

What if the Boots are Still Uncomfortable?

In some cases, you may notice that your boots are still a bit uncomfortable, even after all the above steps are taken. If this is the case, you are going to need more time to break them in. It may also be beneficial to use insoles, as they can help reduce the discomfort you feel.

Also, if there are particular areas of the boot that seem to rub your feet, consider applying moleskin on these areas. This can reduce the pain and discomfort to your feet.

Keep in mind, getting the right boot and the right fit is essential when it comes to work boots. Be sure to reach out to the pros if you need help with this.